Crossing Egypt: Becoming The Pharaoh's Bride

  • Drama Fantasy Full Color Historical Manhua Webtoons
  • Other names: 穿越埃及:成为王的新娘 ; Chuānyuè Āijí: Chéngwéi Wáng De Xīnniáng ; Passing Through Egypt: Become the King's Bride ; Traveling Through Egypt: Turning Into the Bride of the King ; Crossing Egypt: Becoming The Pharaoh’s Bride
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Under the wish of Yuya, the black cat, Nefertiti traveled to ancient Egypt and became the princess who was destined to be a bride in Egypt. Why did she, who just wanted to find a way back to the modern age, accidentally fell into the eyes of the next pharaoh, Akhenaten? And Yuya, who had been by her side all the time, seemed to have a secret. Destiny-like love started quietly from their reunion.



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